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Welcome to WORDABILITY ® The strategic word game for people who think.

WORDABILITY is a word game with a difference

The aim of the game is:

a) To use the letters to make words which give the highest score for the player

b) To use the word the player is putting down to obstruct the playing of the other players.

The nearest analogy one can use for this game is to consider the words to be weapons to use against one's opponents. WORDABILITY is a tactical game. Players must always consider one's own play but also the play of the other players e.g.

  • What tiles are being put down by the other players which can be used by oneself to make words.
  • Are the letters being put down by the other players always making acceptable words? If not then challenge the word being put down (but remember the risks).
  • What letters can you use to block access by the other players to higher scoring squares (premium squares).

Part of the tactics of the game make you consider your own actions and, in particular, whether to put down a word which will give a high score and open up the board to one's opponents or to forego that and accept a lower score but remain safe or block another player from a higher scoring square. Also to be considered is the direction in which the word is laid down to see if it can cause difficulties for one's opponent.

Mistakes can be costly as they can open up access to an opponent to a higher scoring square or even a sequence of higher scoring squares where a score is doubled and then doubled again or even doubled and then trebled.

Why not look at our example game but, if you do so we would advise you to read the Rules of the game first as that will make it easier for you to understand the game


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